Welcome to Ki.Se.Ki. Productions! This blog was started on February 5th 2013 spun out of a dream of producing music, film books, etc. It’s run by, yours truly, Felicity Bell, who has been acting since age 4 or 5 and is a Senior theatre major at a High School for the Performing Arts.

Ki.Se.Ki. Productions is an attempt to combine what we so dearly love about blogs and the internet with what we so dearly love about film, music, books, and so on. We want to “remove the gatekeepers”, per se. Here there are no writing, talent or music agents who monopolize their industries. There is nothing that will stop you from creating what you love. People are always told that being an artist takes great luck to ever try to achieve some remote kind of success.

We decided we didn’t like that.

This blog is to show you that it does not take millions of dollars to create a well-made, film, song or book. It’s not as hard as you think. We’ll show you. Join the fun.


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